I Now Choose Me ~

Me ~ From My Heart ~ I Now choose Me (my Divine Higher Self/ Love/ Soul/ Source/ God-Self/ The Universe/ Oneness/ Union Consciousness, etc.) to take Me to the most favorable timeline for Me and All That Is, Now, this very moment ~ and I choose to leave all other realities to be subsumed into […]

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‘Everybody Eats’ 🥗 A Donation-Only Concept-Restaurant

 💡🙏🏼🍎 I have a 5D-progressive, conscious-humanitarian restaurant concept, though I am not a restauranteur. I see this idea catch wildfire and flash-flood consciousness all over this planet: EVERYBODY EATS 🥗 A DONATION-ONLY RESTAURANT (or food-truck, etc.) 🍃 Organic & Vegan, Of Course! 🍃 The simplest of concepts, I envisage, and it goes like this: 🥑 […]

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The New Divine Humanity/Pleiadian Delegate “12-Strand DNA Activation”, Full Audio Transcript

🌟This is a full transcript of the audio accompaniment to the Light Frequency Transmission, ’12-Strand DNA Activation’, copyright L’Aura Pleiadian, The New Divine Humanity,  The New Divine Humanity ~ L’Aura Pleiadian @LAuraPleiadian Originally published on YouTube, L’Aura Pleiadian, 28 November 2012   ✨🎥✨Enjoy YouTube Video, Here: Pleiadian Delegate “12 Strand DNA” Activation This is a full […]

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The Flora Field

🌷How to help Create the Matrix for New Earth 🍃Plants🍃, Now!🌷 🍃🌷🍃”…The ‘Human Race’ as a Higher Ascended Being in the ‘Lotus Reality’…the Lotus, if you will recall, is the higher dimension where souls entered that realm and Thoth calls it ‘Lotus’ because there were like little tendrils connecting to the primeval planet that we […]

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