~ 🦋 ~

Pulled back to Earth Consciousness returns… Knock, knock, knocking Sleepy In between – Knock, knock, knock! I hear It’s not loud I know, immediately Knocking, Not insistently No trace of demand or request For entry Not comfortable or familiar Nor strange or uncomfortable Not unusual Or expected Not unexpected I open up I let him […]

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Dear Wizard,

I’m getting phone calls from numbers that don’t exist ~ ~ these hands don’t look like mine ~ I didn’t see You, I wasn’t looking Before Heartache I See You, Now ~ Not too Painful ~ I would say ‘I’m sorry, for not paying attention ~ ‘ but ~ I’m not sorry. What shall I […]

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Naked Rain Legs And Eyes Open Remove the carpet Lay all bare Wild Roses Fenced Horses What was once in the Aire Is Now Down On The Ground. Ishtar 💘In Love Instagram: ishtarinlove Twitter: @ishtarinlove555 Wordpress: ishtarinlove.wordpress.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ishtarinlove FineArtAmerica: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ishtar-stillmank   Unicorn Photography ~ Robert Vavra ~ Horse Photographer   Advertisements

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~ By Grace ~

From housewife to poet ~ blogger ~ photographer ~ in less than 3 months…talk about jumping timelines! 😄 My iPhone photography has been so well-received that I’ve been gifted a brand new Nikon camera, and accompanying accessories, to set me flying into my New Me❣️Now, how to use all of my goodies? 🤔 I have […]

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You Love me Weak My body cries for You Wet You were waiting for Me Light We Drink from each other Full There was more barrier to cross Bridge Walk through the door of Light Throat You Are the first One Give Natural ~ Organic Flow I did not know You Okay It’s all the […]

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  A woman with outward courage dares to die. A woman with inner courage dares to live. ~ LaoTzu ~ Tao Te Ching Advertisements

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This Marionette

I hear day birds at night I see lights from other realms Forced, I live dreams that don’t exist Confused by the Moonlight In its Brilliance Creatures think it’s the Sun Just for a moment, handsome Any a Gentleman is a hero, to me She won’t want to go that way in the dark Fake […]

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