‘Sacred Sedona’

Camping in Sedona, Arizona (the second time we arrived), I found the Sacred Geometric Pattern of the ‘Flower of Life’ spray-painted on a rock, just above Angel Valley. ✨ Angel Valley 89B Sedona, Arizona 20 July 2013 ✨ Image © Ishtar 📸 Please see my Full Gallery of Images available thru Fine Art America ~ With Thanks […]

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‘I Love You’, Part II

~ A great ballad once seemingly divided in two parts ~ II. Placed upon Humanity By a higher Conciousness Beings from the Stars, they did this to Us Programmed the Humans To search for this Love Seeking high and low, We Are, up above Ha, ha, ha, what a laugh! Will they figure this puzzle […]

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‘I Love You’, Part I

~ A great ballad once seemingly divided in two parts ~ I. How meaningless How silly How completely Inane All is Love I Am Love And you are the same Waves of Energy Some will say ‘Souls’ Love, it vibrates, eternally Love is frequency Not emotion Still you use this twee phrase with me? We […]

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